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  2. Very long-distance spraying with our Tyrex System

Very long-distance spraying with our Tyrex System


Our Tyrex system, a revolution in the mechanical application of coatings and paints thanks to our research & development service !


Suitable for all kind of sites, our TYREX system is the best solution for very long-distance spraying of different products : lightweight filling coatings, primary coat spreads without smooting, filling and decorative coatings, paints.

Stop with endless stairs and heavy loads : Coatings or paints remains in your truck at ground level on site.

Unparalleled flexibility :

  • Set up and strip down on site extremly quickly,
  • Can be used on several sites in one day,
  • From single homes to high apartment blocks.



Thanks to its motorized reel, you can achieve a safety and assisted (un)winding without efforts up to 80 meters with coatings (approx. 9 floors) and up to 120 meters with paints.

Our Tyrex system guarantees multiplied productivity : Between 500 and 800 m²/day !

Combined with Alltek leighweight Airless coatings, Tyrex is perfect for larger area processed/day : less masking, less waste and guaranteed cleaner sites.

Tyrex highly reduces strain at work, increases working comfort and reduces musculoskeletal strains. With our Tyrex system there are fewer repetitive movements and we eliminate needs to carry heavy loads.

Choosing our Tyrex system means making an effort on the environment by reducing your wastes up to 90% ! This management is possible thanks to our stackable blue drums, collected and refilled by a returns service. You can also adopt the stackable cardboard drumbs 100% recyclable.

To complete the Tyrex system, Alltek developed a special range of high performance coatings in 112L drums which represents 8 bags of coatings. They suit for all substrates like concrete, plasterboard, glass web…