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Health & environment

ICP has been certified under OSHAS 18001 since 2012. More than 99% of ICP’s production fulfils the requirements of the A+ classification for emissions into the air in building interiors.

In our constant endeavours to create products that are as benign as possible for the environment and health, the average VOC content of our products is now lower than 0.5 g per litre of plaster.

A pioneer of lightweight plasters with their technical performance designed to improve quality of surface finish and worksite productivity, ICP is leading the transition to modern lightweight products and advanced application systems (such as the Tyrex system) by providing professionals with the best materials and tools in the pursuit optimum working conditions.

Our expertise in lightweight plasters results in reduced handling, a 35% reduction in heavy lifting, more comfortable working postures and easier sanding, cutting fatigue and the risk of RSI for plastering professionals.

With the maximum use of lightweight components, ICP contributes to a significant reduction in truck movements required both upstream and downstream of production.