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Alltek Spray Etanch’R (Tyrex)


Alltek Spray Etanch’R is a semi-lightweight ready mixed plaster, for ensuring the airtightness of large structures. Application by spraying helps fulfil the airtightness requirements complementing the performance of internal or external thermal insulation. Alltek Spray Etanch’R is delivered in a returnable or paperboard 112 l drum compatible with our Tyrex system.


  • Semi-lightweight interior plaster for walls and ceilings for conventional application, airless or manual.
  • Alltek Spray Etanch’R can be used as an air sealing coating or as finishing coat.
  • Can be used in rooms of classes EA, EB and EB+ private rooms (see CSTB specification 3567-May 2006).
Typical spreadability 4.2 kg/m² with a coating thickness of 3mm
Recommended thicknesses
  • Min. thickness: 1 mm
  • Max. thickness: 5 mm
  • 15 litre plastic bag
  • 15 litre plastic bucket
  • 112 litre conical drums



Typical Spreadability

4.2 kg/m² with a coating thickness of 3mm


1,4 +/- 0,1 kg/l

Solid Content

  • Solid content by mass: 69%
  • Solid content by volume: 57%

Application conditions

  • +8°C to +35°C
  • Max. relative humidity 70%


8 +/- 1

Cleaning tools

With water


  • 5 days for bonded application.
  • 48h for application on metal substructure.
  • These specifications may vary depending on the application thickness, temperature, ventilation, humidity and substrate type.
  • For use as a finish, wait for complete drying before sanding and applying fresh coat.

Recommended thicknesses

  • Min. thickness: 1 mm
  • Max. thickness: 5 mm


  • Maximum handling comfort due to its semi-lightweight formulation.
  • Rapid application
  • Good adhesive properties
  • Fire rating: A2-s1, d0 as per European standard EN 13501-1.
  • Adhesion: greater than 1.1N/mm²
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.3 W/mK
  • Classification: Group III class 2 as per AFNOR NF T 36-005, compliant with the standards AFNOR NF T 30-608 and EN NF 15824.
  • DTA (technical test datasheet) 9/15-1006 of 28 October 2015, issued by the CSTB (French Building Standards Authority), Technical Approvals Committee. Period of validity: 31 March 2018.


  • Returnable, stackable 112 l plastic drum with protective cover.
  • Shelf life is 9 months in unopened original packaging, protected from frost and extreme heat.


  • VOC content: < 1 g/l.



  • Terracotta blocks (according to standard NF EN 771-1)
  • Concrete blocks (according to standard NF EN 771-3)
  • Aerated concrete (according to standard NF EN 771-4)

Preparation of substrate:

  • The substrates, preparatory work and application conditions must be compliant with applicable building trade regulations (e.g. DTU) and standards.
  • Previous repair of spalling.

Application tips:

  • Stir before use if necessary.
  • Xtrem 60 pump system with 112 L drums.
  • Standard screw pump. Nozzles 4 to 6 mm.
  • High pressure screw pump. Nozzles .045 to .055.
  • Airless pump with spray gun. Nozzles .035 to .041 depending on material used (contact supplier).
  • Manually with spatula/knife of suitable width.
  • Apply in one regular and uniform layer about 3 mm thick when wet.
  • Seal wall/ceiling junctions with self-adhesive jointing tape and wall/woodwork junctions with the Alltek tape + Etanch’R

For more information, see DTA 9/15-1006.


  • Ensure adequate ventilation to remove excess moisture and accelerate drying.


The safety information sheet is available from: www.icp-alltek.com/en-gb/documentation/